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Well-oiled machines fill the fluid in every part

Scania has gathered all its production of gearboxes and axles for a brand new facility in Södertälje. The truck manufacturer has planned to meet both current volumes and expected growth. In the new facility is an evolved automated oil filling system adapted for the production rate which Scania continuously optimizes.

The OriLink® control system monitors so that the exact amount of oil pumped into each axle or gearbox.

A gear box is filled with an average of 18 liters of gear oil and close to 8 liters retarderoil. An axle needs about 16 liters of oil with a maximum deviation of two deciliter according to Scania's requirements. The precision of OriLink® is one centiliter (10 ml) at the corresponding volumes, so compared with the Scania specification, the system from Alentec & Orion will help minimize oil consumption for Scania.