Alentec Hus

Our history

It all begun with the bicycle pump and developed into the oil pump.

The Orion company was founded 1898, then as a bicycle factory, on a plot beside the train station in Lindesberg.

The manufacturing of bicycle pumps begun some 17 years later.

Alentec & Orion has left both Lindesberg and Saltsjö Boo, where the main office was located from 1974 to 2012.

Today, 115 years after the start up in Lindesberg, the business is located in its own modern and efficient premises in Älta, in the outskirts of Stockholm.

Even though the manufacturing of pumps is still ongoing, they are now pumps of a completely different caliber, for a completely different purpose and audience.

Alentec & Orion develops and manufactures quality products for pumping, measuring and dosing as well as products used by automotive repair shops, manufacturing and oil companies.

In Sweden, the products are sold through dealers who are quality assured regarding existing technical expertise, service and support.

Complex systems are sold through Alentec & Orion covering the whole country, from north to south.

The products are sold through distributors and subsidiaries in more than 50 countries. Alentec & Orion has subsidiaries in Belgium, England and France.