Our main objective is satisfied customers and that we are associated with quality in terms of staff, products, services, and customer service. The way to achieve this is to meet customer needs, through good communication. Everyone is responsible for being accommodating to customers and handle all customer matters in a correct manner.

All employees and their behavior shall reflect our values:

• All employees and subcontractors are engaging in our quality work,
• Everyone has the possibility to contribute to the quality of the company,
• We constantly evolve our working methods to solve tasks in the most efficient and rational way,
• All procedures are documented in a straightforward and descriptive way,
• All employees learn to do things correct right from the start and take active quality responsibility, through our development and competence training programs,
• All employees work as a team with existing knowledge regarding the personal contribution for the quality of the company products and services,
• Critical information is made available where needed, so that the work is carried out with quality and accuracy,
• We make sure that the right person is in the right place, through well-planned recruitment and internal training.

We constantly improve ourselves and our business:

• We have objectives for the quality work,
• We base our decisions on facts and measurements,
• We are continuously improving our quality management system,
• We do things on time and in the right way,
• We work proactively to prevent problems and risks,
• We engage employees and other stakeholders in the daily improvement work to increase the customer satisfaction,
• Our business system is a daily tool to guide and lead the company in the right way regarding improvement work and to meet the requirements of customers and authorities (incl. statutory and regulatory requirements).