OriLink® - Powerful fluid management system for increased profitability in workshops and industries

1. Income loss due to incorrect stock control of fluids is often neglected
2. All workshops have unaccounted fluid loss
3. Average fluid loss is about 10%
4. When the fluid loss is discovered it has already affected income
5. Better control of fluids leads to higher profit

Why are not oil and expensive fluids handled as other spare parts?
Can YOU be sure that your current system correctly invoices every litre of oil?
Example: a workshop consumes 300 litres of oil per month. Based on a sales price of € 25/litre the yearly turnover is € 90000.
The maximal profit will only occur IF all oil is accounted and invoiced for.
This example highlights that every litre of oil that is not invoiced is a loss of € 25.

DMS/ERP Integration

Before dispense of fluid can start, the work order must be validated in
the system. After dispensing fluid, the transaction data is automatically
sent and added to the invoice. Today we have developed
integrations to about 140 different DMS/ERP systems worldwide.
This means that we already have many DMS-connections that we
can deliver for immediate implementation and operation.
Pos Art. Nr Item name Description
1 23400 OriLink® Main Dispense Module Measures, opens and closes fluid dispenses by connected meter & solenoid (max 4 per module)
2 23404 OriLink® LED Display Shows filled volume (or tank volume)
3 23401 OriLink® Keypad Used to open system by PIN number and Workorder number
4 23403 OriLink® PC Interface Connects system to PC and enables DMS/ERP integration
5 SPEC2290* Meter and solenoid valve kit Measures the dispensed volume and opens/closes dispense points
6 23408/23430 OriLink® Tank module Controls tank switches/sensors and air solenoid valves to pumps (max 4 per module)
7 48059* Solenoid valve Open and closes air supply to pump
8 23417* Level sensor Monitors tank levels and prevents pumps from running dry
- 23393* Signal cable Connects meter and solenoid valves to dispense or tank module
- 23411 Communication cable Connects modules in a serial loop as a controlled system

* Several models available. Choose the correct model based on application.