Mekonomen is expanding its operations with a specialized workshop for light trucks

Mekonomen is expanding its operations with a specialized workshop for light trucks and delivery vans in Kungsängen, thanks to a collaboration with Alentec & Orion. Following the triumph of his first workshop for passenger cars in 2020, Masoud Ghazemi now aims to fill a niche within Stockholm's transport sector by catering to the growing demand for maintenance services for small cargo vehicles, crucial for goods delivery in the region.

Strategically positioned across the street from his inaugural workshop, Ghazemi's new facility not only signifies the expansion of his business but also addresses the pressing need for dedicated services for light trucks engaged in regional freight deliveries, including for major chains such as ICA.
A notable feature of these workshops is their utilization of cutting-edge technology from Alentec & Orion, including the Orilink fluid monitoring system. This innovation ensures the efficiency and eco-friendliness of the workshops’ operations, mirroring Ghazemi’s dedication to excellence in service and commitment to sustainability. Additionally, the installation of exhaust gas extraction systems underscores the emphasis on ensuring a healthy and safe workplace for the staff.
The inauguration of Ghazemi’s second workshop is a testament to not only his business’s growth but also the fruitful ongoing partnership with Alentec & Orion, highlighting a shared focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This initiative serves as a prime example of how leveraging the right equipment and technology can empower workshops to expand their service offerings and cater to the specialized needs of businesses and their clientele in a fiercely competitive sector.