Service Agreement


If you let us perform service at your facility, you will ensure maximum efficiency with reduced downtime and unexpected and unwanted costs.
  1. Inventory - We review your facility and establish a schedule for how and when service visits should take place.
  2. Function test - We test pumps, fans, hose reels, control and safety systems.
  3. Calibration - Digital hand meters and the OriLink® system are checked with measurement, weighing and density for exact values and adjusted if necessary.
  4. Protocol - The result of the function check and calibration is recorded and saved in our system. A copy will be sent to your contact person.
  5. Maintenance Suggestions - Suggest, plan and offer service efforts to prevent unforeseen outages in the future.
For customers with service agreements, we also offer the following benefits:

Faster service: Guaranteed service visit within 4 days after reporting a fault
Cost control: Fixed driving fees
Discounts: Discounted hourly charge and discount on products and spare parts

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact us to learn more or read more in the leaflet below.

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Leaflet (PDF)

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