Customer Case: Enhancing Hedin's Ford Facility with Eurolube and Continova

Project background

Hedin's new Ford facility in Bromma, strategically situated to bolster its presence in Stockholm, undertook the challenge of converting Elgiganten's previous premises into a contemporary and efficient car workshop and sales area. The transformation demanded meticulous planning and the implementation of specialized workshop equipment. Eurolube, in partnership with Continova, was tasked with outfitting the facility with the latest in liquid handling and workshop technology.

Project Implementation

Peter Karlsson from Continova spearheaded the discussions with Hedin to pinpoint the specific needs for equipment, including vehicle lifts, workshop tools, tire machinery, and wheel alignment systems. The conversation also covered the requirements for oils, washer fluids, and other essential fluids, focusing on the necessary volumes and tank sizes.

The project team collaborated closely with the architect to ensure seamless integration of all equipment into the design, paying special attention to optimizing areas like the oil room to fulfill environmental, accessibility, and safety standards.

Solutions and benefits

Eurolube delivered a tailored solution featuring state-of-the-art fluid handling systems and premium workshop equipment designed to enhance the efficiency of workshop operations and promote eco-friendly management of all liquids. The selected equipment, known for its high performance, durability, and low maintenance needs, represents a long-term investment for Hedin.

Results and future outlook

Thanks to the combined expertise of Eurolube and Continova, Hedin's Ford facility in Bromma was successfully equipped and readied for operation. The upgraded establishment now boasts a workshop capacity that not only elevates Hedin's service level but also fosters a more effective and sustainable workflow.

This project exemplifies the successful integration of Eurolube's technical acumen with Continova's client-focused strategy, underscoring the impact of the right partnership on achieving outstanding outcomes. For Hedin, this establishes a solid base for delivering exceptional service to Ford vehicle owners and securing a competitive edge in the automotive sector.

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