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Profitability - means in practice that oil waste is eliminated thanks to our fluid management systems

Efficiency - spend less time carrying bottles of liquids, and with digital volume meters you can see immediately how much liquid has been filled

Environment - means in practice that liquids and chemicals do not get spilled into nature, thanks to walled tanks and systems that prevent leakage in e.g. floor drains in case of hose or pipe bursting. By pumping fluid from a large vessel all handling of one-time use bottles and kegs such as storing and costly pickup by recycling companies.

Ergonomics - means in practice that people's backs are saved when handling liquid in large packaging and pumping directly into the container, without carrying jugs or cans. The working environment is also improved when waste oil is collected directly in waste oil containers and then pumped out to a central storage tank, without the operator having to come into contact with carcinogenic or corrosive substances.
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Passenger car workshops

Passenger car workshops

Our products for passenger car workshops includes, among other things, • Pumps for different fluids. • Hose reels in various designs and hose lengths. • Accessories for hose reels such as wall...

Service agreement

If you let us perform service at your facility, you will ensure maximum efficiency with reduced downtime and unexpected and unwanted costs. For customers with service agreements, we also offer the...