General information

In practice, industrial substances are mixtures whose compositions and effects on other materials are known only by their manufacturers. This is why testing by the user – possibly in co-ordination with the manufacturer of the spray medium – is so essential. Safety datasheets are usually not sufficient for an accurate evaluation of the material compatibility. Metal sprayers are not suitable for hydrogen peroxide, and plastic units can only be used after preliminary testing and with limited concentrations and exposure periods.

Important factors to consider in choosing a sprayer:

Highest operational temperature (spray medium):
Plastic sprayers 30 °C.
Sprayers with metal tanks 40 °C.

Viscosity of spray medium:
Up to approx. 1,5 times the viscosity of water. If coarser droplets and a reduced
spray angle are acceptable, the viscosity can be even greater.

Flammable liquids:
Flammable liquids with a flash point below 55 °C must not be used in sprayers.

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