Alentec & Orion's "complaint system"/whistleblower system

We strive to contribute to sustainable and responsible development by conducting our business in a way that upholds the company's values, follows and complies with applicable laws and regulations, shows respect for people, the environment/natural resources and the general community.

Alentec & Orion's complaint/whistleblower system. as well as management and internal investigations, are described and regulated in Alentec & Orion's CSR policy. Our complaint/whistleblower system is based on fundamental principles such as the protection of whistleblowers and individuals who assist the investigation. Complaints received through the whistleblowing system are investigated confidentially, without delay and in an accurate manner, and with the highest protection of the complainant and individuals assisting the investigation, and personal integrity. All personnel involved in the complaint process are required to protect the complainant and individuals assisting the investigation from all forms of retaliation and mistreatment in accordance with company policies and employment agreements.

An investigation is only initiated after a thorough review of the information and reasonable suspicion of a violation of the rules.

Our complaints/whistleblowing channels

Our grievance system provides the following channel for reporting potential violations by employees or external partners to enable a prompt investigation and appropriate response by our company. However, this does not limit statutory rights to contact relevant authorities.

The complainant writes a letter and sends it to Alentec & Orion AB. The letter is handled confidentially and may only be opened by the CEO, personnel/work environment manager or safety representative.

You can also call the CEO, personnel/work environment manager or safety representative on 08-747 67 00 (08:00-16:30, Fridays 08:00-15:00)

The address is:
Complaint / Whistleblower report
Alentec & Orion AB
Grustagsvägen 4
138 40 Älta, Sweden