We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 which is a confirmation that we have an efficient system for management and control over quality and environmental issues.

Our quality policy is to permeate the entire delivery to our customers, from quotation and drawings for products and ready-made solution.

We will offer the market a concept as a part of a value creation process with the goal to satisfy our customers' requests.

We will achieve this by:
• Selecting suppliers based on quality products, general reliability and competitive pricing.

• An extensive designation of all quality work is done, in a preventive mode as well as through verification and correction.

• Everyone is given the opportunity to contribute to the company's overall quality.

• Pursue development and training programs to ensure that all staff has the know how to 'do it right' and take active responsibility for quality

• To develop personnel, procedures, and organization in order to achieve the above objectives

• We have a goal program for environmental work.

• We work with constant improvements.

• We evaluate our suppliers regarding their environmental impact.
"It is our Policy to make quality, every employee's concern and extend the concept of total quality to characterize the entire company"