Vacuum unit. For 2 to 7 work places in simultaneous use.

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High Vacuum automatic unit for use in centralized waste oil suction systems in large vehicle maintenance workshops. The unit is easy to install and does not require any special on site adjustments. It simply requires connecting to a compressed air supply (8 bar maximum pressure) and to 400 V power supply, once the unit is connected to the waste oil storage tank pipeline and the vacuum line have been.. - Vacuum reservoir is discharged by pressure once it is full with waste oil.. - The unit includes two level sensors that control the automatic discharge of the reservoir to a remote storage tank. Once the discharge is completed, the unit automatically generates the optimal vacuum conditions again.. - Maximum vacuum in reservoir: 99%.. - Electronic control board for controlling main functions and manual discharge knob..The units are designed and manufactured for use with waste oil only. Vacuum unit for 2 to 7 work places. 500 l vacuum reservoir that is automatically discharged to the storage tank.. Automatic start/stop by pressure control.. Dimensions: 1.200 x 1.050 x 2.100 mm. Power: 750 W. Electric connection: 400 V. Noise level: 62 d. BA

Technical data

Part No
1200x1050x2100 mm
0,75 kW
400 V AC
Noise level
62 dB